(9/28/2017) - CORE SPORT PILATES TRAINING begins Tuesday October 3rd and will be every Tuesday and Thursday! Please bring your mats and dress comfortably. We will start promptly, time and space is limited so don’t be late! This is a registration only class! You need to reserve your spot with Coach Ed asap! 2 times are available; […]
Mindful Movement at 416 Pilates (9/21/2017) - What is mindful movement? How will this help me and my pilates practice? These are great questions to ask yourself. Simply put, mindful movement is the next step and the evolution of fitness. You hear me say it all the time, “Your mind is telling your body what to do but your body just doesn’t […]
Mark your calendars! Mi Valentin is coming to town! (8/17/2017) - THE BEST OF MAT MADNESS! By Valentin, Certified Pilates Master Instructor Hosted by Meghan Uhl & 416 Pilates September 16, 2017 @ Park Place Banquets in Crystal Lake, IL What a fun event!! Would you like to do it again? Keep watch, there will be more in store! THANK YOU VALENTIN!      
Pilates is for Kids! (4/6/2017) - New to 416 Pilates is our Core Sport classes offered in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday’s. These classes are designed for the young adult ages 11 and older to work on their core strength, total body flexibility, balance and control. Want to see what these classes are all about, the first one is always […]
What is this new craze with the Essential Oils all about? (9/29/2015) - Since biblical times essential oils have been ingested, applied topically to the skin and in modern day even diffused into the air. They support your wellness regimen, smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin and even support healthy body function. Would you like to learn more about essential oils and what they can do for you? […]
How many days should I do Pilates? (9/29/2015) - A question I get all the time. Honestly, one time a week plus your other modalities is great. That is 100% more than you were doing last week. However, 2-3 times a week in my experience you will start to see noticeable changes. There’s no greater feeling than to actually feel your abs on your […]
Pilates Mat vs. Pilates Reformer (8/25/2014) - Working against resistance is essential to the 500 classical pilates exercises which in turn helps build strength through the “powerhouse” and or abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks. You can accomplish all this by doing pilates on either a mat, using your own body weight as resistance or on a reformer where the springs and […]
Why does your back hurt? Is it your bacon? (4/25/2014) - Have you ever experienced severe, deep, aching low back pain throughout the day or even at rest? How about when you cough or sneeze? Does it feel like a sharp, knifelike pain when you move in the hips or low back area? This can be triggered by so many things, ie: heavy lifting, sitting all […]