New students, we would like you to have at least one, one on one introduction 50 minute session. This introduction will include learning about you and you moving on the pilates reformer. Understanding your specific needs, introduction to our studio and how our  memberships work will set you up for the best experience possible. Contact me below, I’d be more than happy to answer more of your questions.


Bodhi Suspension System™

Come “awaken” your senses and challenge your core with Bodhi. A unique suspension system consisting of 2 sets of 2 ropes and 4 suspension points. Designed for all levels of fitness Bodhi will help you create strength, balance and gain flexibility all while strengthening your core. A great way to mix things up with your training routine.

Group Reformer Sessions

Our group reformer sessions are 50 minutes of professional pilates instruction by our trained Movement Specialists. To ensure each individual gets the full attention they deserve we offer 3 reformers per class. All reformer classes are designed to strengthen, increase flexibility, challenge and coordinate ones entire body from head to toe. Would you like to take full advantage of what a pilates reformer can offer you and your body, schedule a private with our Movement Specialists at a time that works best for you.

Pilates Mat

These classes are designed for a group setting on the floor and accommodate any level of fitness from beginner to advanced. Pilates Mat is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the entire body from head to toe. The unique blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles. Pilates Mat classes take a balanced approach so that no muscle is overworked and the body is functionally efficient for effective results. Props can be used in this class so be ready to experience fun challenging ways to take your floor work to the next level.

416 Circuit

Pilates Circuit classes are designed to challenge you and your cardiovascular system. We will work specifically on training the whole body not just those muscles that dominate your daily movements. We will improve your flexibility which in turn will help prevent injury and increase your range of motion. Core strength will empower your training along with learning to breath while you move within and between circuits. When put together will leave you strong, refreshed and relaxed. 4-6 individuals make up a pilates circuit class. There’s no better way to train than with those that inspire you, your friends.

Pilates Jump Reformer

Not your traditional pilates reformer class, this Pilates Jump class is on the reformer using the jump-board instead of a foot bar! Pilates Jump Reformer is comparable to lying down and jumping on a trampoline. No, don’t worry you are not jumping for 50 minutes straight but we will raise and lower your heart rate to maximize your fat burn. Try it, come feel for yourself how fun Pilates Jump can be!