Mindful Movement at 416 Pilates

What is mindful movement? How will this help me and my pilates practice?

These are great questions to ask yourself. Simply put, mindful movement is the next step and the evolution of fitness. You hear me say it all the time,

“Your mind is telling your body what to do but your body just doesn’t want to respond.”

This can become extremely frustrating for some of us. But with patience and practice you will learn that your mind and body are interconnected and that we just have a “glitch” in the system. When we bring awareness while performing exercises we move smarter. A majority of the time just slowing down and breaking our movements up into steps allows us to mentally focus on the task at hand, mindful movements.

So the next time you find yourself struggling with a movement ask me to help you break it down. Trust me, your probably not the only one and by taking a few moments to help us mentally focus we can all move smarter together!

Some great ways to help you deepen your pilates practice are to challenge your mental focus using props and other modalities like the pilates magic circle, the arcs/barrels, BODHI suspension, pilates mat, the orbit and Smartbells. Look for these classes and ask if we can add a prop here and there. Remember this is about you and your pilates practice. I look forward to seeing you and challenging you with more mindful movements at 416 Pilates.

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