What is this new craze with the Essential Oils all about?

Since biblical times essential oils have been ingested, applied topically to the skin and in modern day even diffused into the air. They support your wellness regimen, smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin and even support healthy body function.

Would you like to learn more about essential oils and what they can do for you? Join us in a workshop. I host them once a month at 416 Pilates. We discuss oils basics, oil usage and oil extraction. How you can use oils in your home, oils on the go and oils at work. Oils can be applied anywhere throughout your daily life. Look for these workshops on my calendar under “schedule”. Follow us oilers on facebook and our oils page at ‘416 Pilates Essential Oils Group.’ There you can meet, have a conversation with and learn more about oils with others just like you.

I proudly work with Young Living. Their “seed to seal” process guarantees the highest grade and quality of oil one can purchase on the market. You can find a link to their products directly off the 416 Pilates website. Just search under my menu and look for Young Living.

“There’s and oil for that” is a saying I often use because most likely that is exactly the point. I hope you join us at our next oils workshop.

~Meghan Uhl




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